Track League Association 



Track League Association 


ALLPAC Technologies Inc. 


To educate, and inspire community exemplifying health & wellness, teamwork,  life skills and lessons through track and field. Leveraging ALLPACiT Technology to advance knowledge behind the mechanics of the human body, and becoming the standard and example of professional athletes and community wellness. While Improving the business conditions for individual persons that participate in Track and Field on the Professional Level. Track League Association will become the home of Professional Track and Field Athletes across America and beyond. 


To influence wellness around the world and bring joy to the first skills learned and enjoyed as a kid: 

running, jumping, and throwing.

Mid-Season Royale

Orlando, FL

June 24 - 25, 2023

Week 9

Top Teams from each Conference decides whether to participate as a team, or on an event bases, with a max of 9 events. ⅓ of the total events. Those teams will not be counted towards the 20 teams, but will score as team. 

37m p/f

37m s h p/f

60mh p/f

100m p/f

150mh p/f

200m p/f

300mh p/f

400m p/f

500mh p/f

600m p/f

800m p/f

8x50 p/f



5k Road Run

4x100 m relay

8x200 m relay

SHR 100/110mh

DMR 1200/800/1400/600

SMR 2/2/4/8 ti/fi

Short SMR 2/1/1/4

3x3 Javelin

Long Jump

3x3 Long Jump

Shot Put

3x3 Shot Put

High Jump Knockout


8x400 m Relay


Relay Expo

Location: Atlanta, GA

July 1-2, 2023

Week 10

4x800m Relay

4xMile Relay

4x200m Relay

4x100m Relay

2/2/8/400m Relay

2/1/1/400m Relay

3/1/1/300m Relay


Shuttle Hurdle Relay 100/110

37m Speed Hurdle Intro Mixed 4x100m Relay

Mixed 4x400m Relay

8x50m Relay

8x200m Relay

Mixed 4x200m Relay 

Field Expo

Location: Albuquerque, NM

July 8-9, 2023

Week 11

Long jump Knockout 

Triple Jump Relay 

Throwers 4x100

Shot Put Knockout 

Hammer Relay

High Jump Knockout

Javelin Relay 

Discus Relay

Long Jump 

Triple Jump

Shot Put


High Jump 



Standing Long Jump

Vertical Jump

Mid & Hurd Expo

Location: Eugene, OR

July 17-18, 2023

Week 12

Speed Hurdle 37m


100/110 mh








SHR 100/110


DMR 1200/800/1400/600


5k Road Run

Conference Championships

August 4 - 6, 2023

North Polar





South Polar



Location: Los Angeles

Los Angeles





Location: New Orleans



New Orleans



Location: Little Rock



Little Rock


Polar Championships 

August 12 - 14, 2023


North Polar by ALLPAC

Location: Des Moine, IA


South Polar by ALLPAC

Location: Houston, TX

TLA by ALLPAC Championships  

Location: Boston, MA

August 23 - 27, 2023

Top 16 Teams and Top 16 Times will battle it out. 

Top team with the highest team score is the TLA ALLPAC National Champion. 

Top 8 individuals will be Crowned "TLA ALLPAC Elite 8"

Top athlete in each event will win a gold shoe

Top Relay in each event will win a plaque

Top 4 Overall Teams will earn Trophy

Top team each athlete will earn a Championship Ring


ALLPAC(Kages) Shipping

ALLPAC Technologies Inc.

This site was created to give an example to the world on how a true Track and Field League should look. If you are a fan of Track and Field you know the way professional track and field is ran now is only half the sport. The other half of the sport is the scoring system. That's how a team can win, that's when coaching and an entirely different strategy comes into play. Sometimes you can be that one stud, but we all know one stud won't win you an entire Track and Field meet alone. Unless you really are that good lol, but it's very rare. Competing as a team as well as an individual is what makes our sport so amazing. The strategy of where to put your stud to maximize points for the team based off what you think other teams may do, it takes meet planning to the next level similar to High School and College. Just imagine global or even national talent competing on teams against each other. From open events down to the relays calculating points keeping score all the way down to the 4x400, or the Shot Put that just so happen to go a little past the 4x400. I've seen those nail biting moments turn into amazing memories for teams and coaches, and also heart shattering memories for others. It's what makes our sport OUR SPORT. Their is nothing like a true Track and Field meet, so the results you will see for 2023 will be randomly computer generated to show how the format would look, hopefully to gain public interest and support to create a real Professional Track and Field League. This is the boost Professional Track and Field has been looking for, we will just have to overcome the hurdles. Pun intended! Though the results for 2023 will be computer generated it will be based off random times from the D1/D2 National Championship Results. No names will be used only teams, and we will crown the winner of each meet, and find out who is our 2023 Track and Field National Championship Team, MVP, and the winner of each event. 

Stay tuned because the computer generated results will only be for the first few years, we will bring this league to fruition. The (TLA) Track League Association will be globally recognized as the premiere league for Track and Field by 2030. We have no intention to Take away the Olympics, but we will sure have as much talent as you would see at one, but every year for the true Track and Field fans. 

We love you and we pray that you stay with us for the growth of our sport. We all we got! 

Peace, Love, and Unity!